MBL and London Chinese Guitar Club (LCGC) December 2014

MBL is aiming to create bridges of understanding between China and the West, MBL is dedicated to support diverse overseas Chinese societies in the UK. As what you familiar with that we have introduced many Chinese elements, including Kungfu, paper-cutting and calligraphy. We hope more and more Chinese children who were adopted by western families and who were grown up in Western countries, those Chinese people who live and work in the UK, and westerners who are interested in China and Chinese culture could have the opportunity to enjoy Chinese music in the UK, and we are proud to be leading this effort.


Here, MBL is pleased to announce the start of our co-operation with the London Chinese Guitar Club (LCGC) – we believe you still remember their incredible performance at our 10th Anniversary Celebration. The LCGC is the first guitar club based in London open for Mandarin speakers. It consists of monthly events, which are carrying out in London. All its artists are handpicked among many Chinese professionals and students in the UK, which is a real club for passionate Chinese music fans. They are playing and singing familiar euphonic Chinese and international songs in the UK!


MBL has been supporting LCGC with few events in 2014.