Dutch Family visited MBL Pen Friend family and MBL Culture Centre July 2014

MBL recently arranged for a Dutch adoptive family from the Netherlands for their trip in China with their two Chinese daughters, Annemarije and Nynke. Annemarije is adopted from Wuhan and Nynke is adopted from Guangdong. Both girls left China at a very young age, but returned to China with the hope of connecting to their Chinese birth culture as well as this year for joining some of MBL culture programs in China, such as Pen Friend Program (in GuangDong) and Culture Workshops at MBLCulture Centre in Nanjing. With MBL’s help and support, they wish one day they could have some information about their birth parents in China…

Their parents take them on regular trips to China as well as encourage them to study Mandarin. This time, before their trip to Nanjing, the family met with their MBL Pen Friend family in Dongguan and cooked some traditional Chinese meals including yummy dumplings! “We met up with Amy and Nancy (and family) in Dongguan and have spent a lovely day with them. We did some cooking together: it was very special for all of us” said by the Dutch mum.

At the MBL Children Centre in Nanjing, the family participated in various activities such as Chinese dancing and calligraphy classes, as well as hung the Netherlands flag on the ceiling in MBL Workshop room together with flags from other MBL friend countries all over the world.

The dad Jan mentioned: “Today we have been to Children’s Palace and met Juiie, her daughter Angelina and our guide Jenny. It was an impressive day. We even managed to put up the Dutch flag on the ceiling of MBL office… “

The great news is that this family are coming to join MBL 10th Anniversary Celebration on Friday 9th August at Museum of Childhood…Wow!

Two years ago, Annemarijie wrote a touching letter to MBL informing us of her desire to reconnect with her birthparents: 

“I wish I could find my birthparents, although I know it will be difficult as we don’t have any information about them. It is important for me as it is a very important part of me and of my life. I hope they are well and wish they are happy. Maybe we will meet in the future.”



We wish them the best of luck on their journey!

Dutch families are visiting their Pen Friend family in GuangDong…having dinner and making dumplings:)




Dutch families are having Chinese calligraphy workshop at MBL Children Centre



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Participated at GuZheng workshop.10405224_666537873421835_4647934136166015887_n

Participated at Chinese Dancing workshop 10410779_666538140088475_8853329871781703790_n



Participated at Chinese Singing workshop10468373_670585703017052_5539965940072993220_n10487574_670585859683703_4970653975841166847_n

Join MBL volunteers for some working lunch10537889_666538060088483_2831095705165426293_n10556317_666538566755099_6950840440364782844_n

Hung up the Netherlands flag on the ceiling in MBL Workshop room together with flags from other MBL friend countries all over the world.


Drafted by MBL Volunteer Stephanie YU

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