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For more than ten years, MBL has provided assistance, advice and educational support to families around the world. This includes medical treatment for disabled orphans, and a number of disaster relief and educational projects in China. We have set up 16 children’s libraries in various regions of China, including in Tibetan and Muslim minorities schools, schools for migrant workers children, and schools which were suffered from the 2008 and 2012 earthquakes in Sichuan province.

MBL has collaborated with different organizations from all over the world to carry out the “Books For Kids” Project in order to build up MBL International Children Library in impoverished regions in China. Every year, MBL volunteers visit schools in these areas, to carry out research and learn more about how we can make a difference to these children’s lives.


2016 MBL International Children’s Library: 3 schools in rural Sichuan province

  • Shilong Primary School

Shilong Primary School is located in the mountainous area of Junlian County in Sichuan province, at an altitude of 1777.2 metres. The school was reconstructed in 2013 and relocated from the previous location of Dabang village. There are 2 teaching buildings, 9 teachers, 6 classes, and 162 students in total. Most of those students (113 of them) are ‘left-behind children’ whose parents live in different cities in China. The supply and quality of books in the school library in Shilong Primary School is extremely poor. Although the teaching buildings are relatively new, the teaching materials are in bad condition. The brand new books inside of the school library (borrowed from county authority) cannot be borrowed, while those that can be borrowed are mostly outdated and damaged periodicals from 10 years ago. Number of donated books needed: 855

  • Gonghe Village Primary School

Gonghe Village Primary School is located in the mountainous region of Mutan Town, near Yibin City in Sichuan province. Gonghe Primary School was founded in 1995 and relocated from the the south west of Gongteng Village. There are 2 teaching buildings (one is old and the other is new), 5 teachers, 5 classes, and 78 students in total in this primary school. Most of those students are from the nearby Gongteng Village, and more than half of them are left-behind children, whose parents are migrant workers in the factories in different areas in China. Books supply and quality in the school is extremely poor. The teaching facilities, walls, classrooms, teaching platform, and blackboard on campus are all very old and damaged. Number of donated books needed: 415

  • Hongchun Village Primary School

Hongchun Village Primary School is very far from Junlian County, and it took about 2 hours for MBL volunteers by local bus. There are 2 teaching buildings, 6 teachers, 6 classes, and 131 students in total in the school (again, most of them are left-behind children). The supply and quality of books in the school library is extremely poor, and some of the tables and chairs are broken and damaged (including those in the classroom). The temperature is very low with very heavy fog due to the high altitude. There are no heating facilities or lights in the classrooms. Number of donated books needed: 685

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