Celebrating Suzhou’s “Tiger Hill” Orphanage, & Calling For Families

Xinran received a note from a lady who had just finished reading he book “A Letter from An Unknown Chinese Mother”, and who asked us to help put out the following message. We are only too happy to help…

Suzhou Social Welfare Home (aka Tiger Hill) was established in 1701 and about to celebrate its 300 anniversary on October 14th-16th, 2010. They are currently looking for expat families around the world who adopted from their institute and will be interested to visit Suzhou during that time and join the celebrations. All expenses of flights, accommodation, food and traveling will be covered.

If you have a child adopted from Suzhou Social Welfare Home / ‘Tiger Hill Orphanage’ and you would like to contribute the celebrations by joining and maybe to use this opportunity to show your child around, please contact Galia Rautenberg at: galia_stern@hotmail.com”.

Congratulations on the anniversary! We look forward to reporting on it in due course.