Sunday 8 December 2013: MBL at CACH West London Group Christmas Party

MBL at CACH West London Group Christmas Party

Date: 2.30 pm – 5 pm Sunday 8 December 2013

Location: St Faith’s Church Hall, 122 Windmill Lane, Brentford, TW8 9NA, London

MBL is so happy to provide help and support to CACH West London Group for this wonderful ipcoming Xmas party, and MBL volunteers YU Wenling (余文羚) and FENG Xiuyu (冯秀玉) will be there to celebrate together with adoptive families, children, and friends, and also to help with some children activities, such as making Christmas Cards and preparing Wish Cards. They will .

Meanwhile, MBL will donate our children’s magazines and Xmas cards for sale to raise moeny for  the Bosnian Orphanage.

Please keep up with us for more updated information and wonderful photos of the party below…


On 8th December 2013 CACH annual Christmas Party, two volunteers from Mother’s Bridge Love have participated in organizing a party for more than 20 families in St Fainth’s Hall in west London. 

MBL volunteers Wenling and Xiuyu arrived at the 122 Windmill Lane, Brentford at 2:00 o’clock. They started the preparation with the sponsors Elisabeth and other CHCH volunteers.  With the coming of family and children, the atmosphere of church was beginning to warm up.  The children were starting say hello to each other, which was leaded by their parents, some of the young children were a little bit shy at the beginning but with time going they were being more and more relaxed. MBL volunteers were responsible for guiding children to drawing cards and making Christmas cards.  Most of the children made the Christmas cards by themselves individually.



Ms Elisabeth, the coordinator of CACH West London Group, gave a speech on the Christmas party, and showed her thanks to The Mothers’ Bridge of Love. She also invited one of the MBL volunteers to share her volunteering experience in MBL.  Later, Qingqing was giving a performance about Chinese traditional dancing.  During the Christmas Party, Wenling and Xiuyu had a lovely chat with a couple of families, they explained who MBL is and what MBL does, and also showed some pictures about MBL’s previous. We hope more and more people and families will join our big MBL family.



The party was finished by a raffle, which aimed to raise money for a Bosnian Orphanage. It was a really meaningful chance for both Wenling and Xiuyu, as this was their first time to participate MBL’s activities; it was also an unforgettable experience for them to understand family, children, the love beyond the nationalities, and the essence of human nature.


As Weling said:” The most important thing I have felt during this activity is, we need pay more attention on Children’s inner feeling and their character buildings. Children would be more outgoing after participating those kind of activities “;  “Children’ parents do their best to provide the better growth environment.”


A lovely Christmas card for MBL from CACH West London Group



The Mothers’ Bridge of Love would like to make more cooperation with adoptive families and schools, and meanwhile we welcome more volunteers to join us. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at: 

MBL is currently looking for a new office to keep on our good work going on, any donation or membership support would be appreciated. Also your help and support will make many Chinese children’s life from country to country, village to village! Please make Donation HERE

For more information, please visit our website: 


2013 128日,由两名来自母爱桥的志愿者参与到由伦敦西部CACH 组织的一年一度圣诞派对。 此次活动由CACH West London Group发起,母爱桥作为主办方参与者,也积极的加入到其中。


当天,由来自伦敦西部大约20多个家庭参与到了活动当中。MBL志愿者文羚和秀玉于当天下午2;00到达了主办地点St Faith’s Hall, 122 Windmill Lane, Brentford, London. 并于主办方COCH 发起人Elisabeth和其他来自COCH的志愿着一同布置了教堂和桌椅画笔卡片的摆放, 文羚和秀玉主要负责引导孩子制作圣诞卡片。


2:30pm, 随着家庭们的到来,教堂里逐渐热闹起来,孩子们在大人的带领下互相打招呼Say Hello,年纪较小的孩子起初有些害羞,但随大人们的鼓励,孩子们也越来越放松。MBL志愿者们开始带领小朋友们做活动,指导孩子们进行涂画并制作圣诞卡片。孩子们都很独立,她们大多数都自己完成了绘画和卡片的制作,这是在志愿者没有想到的。


3:30pm, 由Elisabeth 为大家做了开场白,演讲中Elisabeth答谢了母爱桥的支持,并且邀请了MBL的志愿者上台与大家交流母爱桥的经验和理念。稍后Elisabeth 的小女儿Qingqing 为大家带来了优美的中国古典舞蹈。 在休息时间,文羚和秀玉与收养家庭的家长亲切交谈,并且向他们介绍了母爱桥慈善组织和以往的收养家庭活动,希望能让更多的家庭了解到母爱桥,并且加入到我们母爱桥的大家庭。




就像文羚所说:“这次活动给我的最大感受是我们需要多关心收养坚挺的孩子,特别是重视他们的内心感受和性格培养。孩子们往往认生,害怕和陌生接触,通过聚会等形式的集体活动能让孩子逐渐开朗和外向。”“ 收养家庭的父母都在尽自己最大努力的给孩子提供好的更好的成长环境。”










 Reported by MBL  volunteer FENG Xiuyu (冯秀玉)   Edited by MBL Head Office XIAO Li (肖莉)

6th – 9th Dec 2013: China International Film Festival London









Great Thanks to CIFFL for bringing so many wonderful Chinese films to the UK! We highly recommend MBL adoptive families, adoptees, and MBL friends and supporters to attend the film screenings.

For more details of the film screening timetable

Here is for each film’s summary.


Our recommendations:

FengShui (万箭穿心) for understanding Chinese women and mothers in deeper perspective!

Fallen City (倾城), which has such an emotional story based on Wenchuann earthquick in Sichuan. MBL donated 8 school libraries ( in Sichuan area as our support to those children who were affected and suffered from natural disaster.


MBL is raising more moeny for school libraries in rural countryside in China (, and please have a look at our “Ya’an Trek 4 MBL” fundraising trek activities in China (


MBL cooperate BBC up-coming Drama “One Child”!

MBL is currently cooperating BBC for this up-coming drama called “One Child”, which involving a role of a Chinese girl Mei, who’s a 23 year-old postgraduate student of astrophysics at University College London. She was adopted, when a baby, from an orphanage in Guangzhou by a British-American couple and she has been brought up in Britain.

MBL is sending a few questions out to some adopted girls of a similar age to Mei and to some adoptive parents on behalf of BBC, so BBC  Drama Production team could get an insight into how someone in Mei’s situation might feel.

Here are two separate questionnaires – one for the adoptees and one for the adoptive parents.
We’re so grateful for your help with this and do please send your answers back to BBC Drama Production Script Editor Jessica Burdett ( by 15th Nov! Please also feel free to let us know if you need any more information.
Many Thanks&  谢谢您!
MBL Head Office

12th – 18th November 2013: MBL at 5th China Image Film Festival 2013



Great Thanks to 5th China Image Film Festival 2013 (CIFF) for offering MBL and MBL friends such a great opportunity to watch some wonderful Chinese films during the festival.

MBL now has limited number of tickets for few films as listed below. They are FREE for MBL Members and MBL Volunteers. Of course you’re welcome to make any amount of donation to MBL if you like. You are also very welcome to bring along friends, and the suggested donation price of the tickets is from £4 each (it is half price of the normal price of £8)…and your generous donation will be much appreciated! For making donation to MBL please visit:

14th 20.20pm ODEON Leicester Sq Studio       Sunlight at Fingertips 指尖太阳
14th 13.00pm ODEON Leicester Sq Studio       Mount Awa 阿佤山 
15th 13.00pm ODEON Leicester Sq Studio       Xi Zang Ban 西藏班
16th 14.15pm ODEON Panton Street                 Kuiba II 魁拔

The tickets will be “First come, First served”, so please feel free to let us know ASAP if you are coming to any of them via:, and we will let you know the Unique Code for getting in. The normal ticket booking could be reached via:

The seats will be on “First come, First served”, so that will be much helpful if you can arrive at the cinema a little earlier.

感谢英国万像国际华语电影节(5th China Image Film Festival 2013)亲情奉献,爱心支持母爱桥(MBL)慈善机构! 电影节举办方为MBL西方收养家庭、MBL会员、MBL志愿者亲情提供以下场次影片的免费入场券!数量有限,欲得从速啊!

14th 20.20pm ODEON Leicester Sq Studio       Sunlight at Fingertips 指尖太阳
14th 13.00pm ODEON Leicester Sq Studio       Mount Awa 阿佤山 
15th 13.00pm ODEON Leicester Sq Studio       Xi Zang Ban 西藏班
16th 14.15pm ODEON Panton Street                 Kuiba II 魁拔

我们欢迎有资格领取MBL免费入场券的MBL支持者邀请你们的家人朋友一同前来观看影片(每张票的建议捐赠价为£4起无上线封顶…请以现金,支票或电汇的方式作为您的爱心捐款给MBL,捐款详址请点击链接:。免费入场券和义卖票数量有限,请及时与母爱桥伦敦总部联系。常规订票链接: (注:电影节期间上映的大部分影片均有英文字幕。电影节所有参加上映影片的适合观赏人群为12岁以上, 这与影片自身的内容并无必然联系)


During 5th China Image Film Festival 2013 (12th – 18th Nov)

— MBL will invite MBL western families with their adopted Chinese children and MBL’s supporters and friends from media, finance, arts…sectors to attend the film screening

— As requested, MBL’s professional trained multilingual volunteers with Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and other languages skills will be appointed to accompany adoptive families and MBL’s supporters/friends to watch the movies in order to provide language support and further understanding of the background and the story behind the films.

— MBL will help with publicity of CIFF 2013, as MBL Website/Facebook/Weibo…so far has been viewed by people from more than 37 countries all over the world

Please click HERE to book your film tickets (plus an extra one for MBL volunteer if you want)

(Note: Most films featured are in Chinese with English subtitles. All festival films are restricted to persons 12 years of age and over unless specified. This relates to the censorship requirements of holding a Film Festival, as set by the Classification Board, and is not necessarily a reflection of the content of the films themselves)



MBL Half-Term Event at V&A Museum (26th Oct – 3rd Nov 2013)

Sat 26th Oct. – Sun 3rd Nov. 2013 (Half-term): MBL Family Group Events for Masterpiece Chinese Painting Exhibition at V&A Museum

Sat 26th Oct. – Sun 3rd Nov. 2013 (Half-term): MBL Family Group Events for Masterpiece Chinese Painting Exhibition at V&A Museum


MBL Half-Term Event at V&A Museum:

Family & Children Fun Activities alongside The Masterpieces of Chinese Paintings 700-1900 Exhibition 

As an UK-registered charity, MBL has long been specialized in creating bridge of culture understanding between China and the West, particularly providing cultural support for British/international families which have adopted Chinese children. This October half term (26th October to 3rd November 2013), MBL Head Office XIAO Li together with Event Manager LI Xu organized MBL Family Group Day Visit event at V&A Museum, which provided adoptive families a wonderful opportunity to have a very unique taste of Chinese culture. Meanwhile 14 MBL volunteers from different UK universities took their responsibility on behalf of MBL to provide cross-cultural support to Chinese-culture-highlighted family activities at V&A Museum, which is one of the world’s greatest Museums of Art and Design.


imageMBL volunteers Valentina, WNAG Sheng (王晟), and LIN Ping are preparing materials for workshops

The families were firstly welcomed by MBL team leaders and V&A staffs as a group and then were brought to experience the Imagination Station. There, they could approach the Chinese lunar-calendar-based zodiac culture. Most of them were really interested in this, trying to find out with zodiac animals they and their family members belong to. Some of them already has some knowledge of this Chinese tradition and could name their own zodiac animals easily.

imageMBL Xiaoli was showing children’s painting to MBL adoptive family group

imageMBL volunteer LI XiNan was explaining  a painting of Chinese dragon to family visitors


After the lunch break, the families were accompanied by MBL volunteers to join the Pop-Up Performance, which introducing Chinese zodiac culture. Later on, the families and their children lingered in the Digital Kids part, some up-to-date digital technologies were introduced into this activity with some Chinese paintings were projected on the wall, and children could make changes to these paintings by stepping on the projected spots on the floor. Also, children could design their own Chinese robes in front of the computers and bringing their works home. MBL volunteers also helped the families reserve sessions in the most popular Make-It Chinese Painting workshop. During the Make-It workshop, MBL volunteers patiently helped kids to learn basic techniques of Chinese painting and encouraged them to create their own amazing art works.

 imageimageChinese fairy tales – Storytelling

imageimageChildren enjoyed music workshops

imageMBL volunteers YUE JingJing (岳菁菁) and Star are teaching children about Chinese Ink Painting

IMG_1886Learning to do the Chinese Ink Painting (photo was provided by Pippa)

V&A museum is well reputed as ‘world’s finest museum in art and design’. Normally only those very experienced persons are qualified to have the opportunity to volunteer. There is always a ‘long waiting list’ of volunteers for V&A, but through MBL’s collaboration with V&A Museum, our group of young volunteers with their passion in Chinese culture and love to children had a very unique opportunity to participate, and of course their outstanding performance won applause from museum staffs.    


About our volunteers

Group of MBL volunteers participated at this V&A half-term event are international students from different UK Universities. Some of them even traveled long way to get to London, such as from Birmingham and Edinburgh. They all had strong interests in Chinese culture and are passionate about charity work.

Generally, these volunteers did not have much social working experience. Though having the passion to help people, but not many of them had volunteering experience before. At the age of 20s, many young adult volunteers did not have many chances to communicate with children, nor did they work in a real international environment. This MBL’s volunteering experience might have given them a deep understanding of the way to their further life and career prospects.

Here we collected some personal feedbacks from MBL volunteers:

LI Beike (李贝壳): During the half – term, I worked as volunteer for MBL at V&A Museum. It was really worth doing it. There are somethings I want to share: at first I didn’t know how to communicate with shy kids, after talking and sharing with other MBL members I learned some skills of how to approach and communicate with kids, for example, we need to bend down to their eye level to make them feel comfortable. Secondly, through the chance I got to know a lot of friends form different universities and cities; they are all brilliant and kind. Last but not least, I gained some experience of working in the museum and got to know some great staffs working at V&A as well. Thanks very much for the opportunity.

PENG Yan (彭彦) (Erica): I think being a volunteer for V&A is really worthy. I volunteered for two days. For the first day, I worked in the studio. I met a lot of kids and their lovely parents, witnessed their great talent in learning a brand new art — Chinese brush painting. I got quite surprised at how amazingly good their works were, and in the meanwhile felt so glad about their love to Chinese arts. While for the second day, I worked at the imagination station. It was really a big challenge for me because I am so shy. When the staff asked me to do marketing, it was so difficult for me at first. Then another staff taught me some tricks and it went much more smoothly. At the end of that day, I was not afraid to talk to the strangers any more. I think I learned a lot through the experience. Though it was indeed tired, it is of great value. Hope I can have more such opportunities.

LI XiNan (李昔南)(Richard): This is not my first volunteering experience, but the most precious one for me. As a young man who had a few years’ work experience in China, I have to confess that initially I did not take this opportunity very seriously. My previous volunteering experience is only to add something into my CV. We all wish to make a better world, and volunteering is one of the best ways to achieve it. As far as I am concerned, ‘volunteerism’ is now to some extent missing among contemporary Chinese young persons. In China, many people have no clear conception about volunteering. Some see it as a means of accumulating work experience. Some view it as a kind of ‘exploitation’ of free labours. Volunteering posts are normally seen on some large (official) social events, exhibitions and some NGOs’ events. In these events, as I have experienced, volunteers would sometimes be paid, or the expenses of meals and transportation covered. However, if you expect all these benefits for yourself, volunteer might not be suitable for you. The Bible has revealed the truth of volunteering in very simple language: if you give, you will receive (Luke 6:38). In my opinion, volunteering is to give, to help, and to serve whole-heartedly, without the anticipation of rewards in any forms. Once you have dedicated to something good, there definitely will be a reward, perhaps not in the form of materials. I consider the rewards of volunteering for MBL at V&A is abundant for me. Firstly, it is the first time that I had such a great opportunity to work for a charity, which is also one of my future career options, in an international working environment. And later I realised that actually, it is quite a rare opportunity to volunteer in a world-class museum as V&A, which made me cherish more of this opportunity. Thus, as time permit, I chose to work for a relatively longer time than other fellow volunteers. I would also like to present my gratitude to MBL. It is this opportunity to be part of the V&A’s half-term Family Art Fun, that taught me how to communicate with children and how to love those cute little friends. Though I have a mother who has been a preschool teacher for over 30 years, to be honest, I do not really like kids. Previously, I found that it was difficult to communicate with children, and always regarded them as little trouble makers. This volunteering provided me an opportunity to reflect myself, the relationship between adults and kids, and furthermore, family. As suggested by V&A’s members of staff, I tried to humble myself more when facing children, to talk to them with a slow and gentle voice, and to give compliment to their works. Soon as I put these into practice, I found that it was not that difficult to establish a good relationship with children. Actually, when I humbled myself in front them not as an adult, but a peer of their age, to love them with my heart, I could also walk into their world. Then I saw a wonderful world different from adults, which was full of colors, imaginations, fairytales, and creativity.

Valentina Rigoni and Giulia Signorini (MBL Team Leaders): I consider having volunteered for MBL at the Victoria & Albert Museum a great experience and really worth it, not only as a chance to develop volunteering skills but also from a personal point of view. When I used to think about a museum, I used to depict it only as a place where to go and enjoy beautiful exhibitions, but now I look at it in a completely different way: a museum is a potential place for many different activities, from visiting galleries, to organize events, meetings and family activities as we did with MBL adoptive families. I volunteered there only two days and I mostly took care of MBL families that came to meet us for the first time to get a first approach with MBL and with what we can do for our families. It was an amazing experience both talking with the parents as well as playing with the children, from whom you can learn so much! Therefore, I am very grateful to MBL for giving me the chance to put myself forward in this experience and I hope there will be many more.

Elly from the V&A: I’m just writing to say thank you MBL volunteers once again for your outstanding contribution to the V&A. It had been a great pleasure working with and getting to know each of you throughout the week!


Up coming events:

On the coming January 19th, MBL will cooperate with V&A again in a particular event for Chinese New Year (The Spring Festival). All who wish to have a bite of Chinese culture are welcome to join us to experience the heart-warming Festival in this chill winter! Please feel free to contact MBL Head Office at:  for further information and details.

Support MBL:

MBL is currently looking for an office space, and your donation and membership support will make sure we could contibue our good work, and meanwhile to keep on MBL’s supporting disadvantaged children in China! Please make donation via HERE:

For voluneering opportunities, please contact:

For join our events & activities, please cntact:

Contributed By MBL volunteers李昔南 (Richard) and Valentina Rigoni Edited by MBL Head Office XIAO Li (肖莉)

Fye’s volunteering experience with MBL in Nanjing, China (3rd – 15th July 2013)

MBL Mid-Autumn Festival Event for CACH Oxford Group (22nd Sep 2013)

MBL Mid-Autumn Festival Event for CACH Oxford Group, which was led by the MBL team leader LI Jiang, together with other four MBL volunteers LI Pin, TingTing, CHENG YangYang, and PENG Yan was held in Oxford on 22nd Sep 2013.

All the five MBL volunteers were picked up by the families from the train station and drove about half an hour to the event venue, where is near the university of oxford. The festival event started at 1:00pm, with around 12 families with over twenty children, age varies from 5 to 14years old.


LI Jiang gave a brief introduction of MBL and then followed up by YangYang who was Miao ethnic and gave 30-min talk about the Miao’s culture, where they located and how they beautifully dressed and what they live like. YangYang had bought her own little gift for each family to take home with.

LIN Ping has given a Taichi demonstration and got everyone stood up to move around practice Taichi. Ping, who is our one of our most experienced volunteers in the group, she has been a Ch

inese language and culture teacher in the Confucius hub in Northeast of Scotland for four years, and just moved back to London.


PengYan, gave the story of the Mid-Autumn moon festival story, which children and parents were all quietly listening and excitedly handed up to answer Pengyan’s questions.

12 years old TingTing, who is our youngest volunteer, also Ping’s daughter, had very patiently and skillfully working with the younger children to make origami, Chinese fishing boat and Chinese paper cuttings. Children had lots of great fun with this little Chinese “sister” at the same generation with them…


At last, TingTing stood up and sang a Chinese song, ‘Mum is the best in the world’ to end up the workshop.

Each part of the festival event was short but was interactive full of knowledge and great fun. We were aiming at giving some basic knowledge of China and Chinese culture to those beloved Chinese. Although they are living in the UK, MBL is here for them and their families to stay close to China and Chinese culture. Of course, MBL is very happy to offer this opportunity to other CACH groups, to co-organize more events/activities and meanwhile to share our loves and our cultures.


Highlights from MBL volunteers:

LI Jiang: I like doing volunteer jobs, just like I like fresh air. I am surrounded by a reality that the whole society is crazy for money and power, our eyes are blind just like the sun is always hidden by the cloud in the UK. I have to breathe, and come back to the nature as Osho suggested. I, therefore, was actually on my way home, a truly home of my spirit.

TingTing:  Being a MBL Volunteer to play with children is a great fun and I enjoyed the MBL Mid-Autumn Festival with CACH Oxford Group.
Ping: As a mother myself now live in the UK, and being a Chinese I love to help the CACH, help the children to know their root, their culture and to love it.

PENG Yan: Before I saw the children, I felt so worried. But when I saw them, I found they are so lovely kids. And their parents are very nice. Being a volunteer teaches me to love people I have never known before.

MBL & Xinran co-organize weekend event with Kinaforeningen for adoptive families with Chinese children in Norway (13th-15th September 2013)


MBL and Xinran were invited by Guro Jansdotter Skåre and Ragnhild Nerjord Bratlien from a Norwegian organization called Kinaforeningen for co-organizing a weekend Chinese culture events/activities for adoptive families and Chinese adoptees in Norway 12th – 16th September 2013.

Kinaforeningen is a Norwegian association for families who have adopted children from China. It is a non-profit volunteer organisation with about 500 family members all over the country. Their main aim is to be a meeting place for the families and contribute to good relations to the children’s two cultural backgrounds: the Chinese and the Norwegian. Each year at least two main gatherings are arranged located close to Oslo, one is to celebrate the Chinese New Year and the other one is an outdoor summer party. In addition, they love special gatherings like this time’s event with Xinran & MBL. Kinaforeningen donates NOK 10,000 a year to The Mothers’ Bridge of Love (MBL).

There were more than 10 adoptive families with more than 15 Chinese children participated this weekend event which was happening in a local family hotel called Fagerhøy Fjellstue in the mountain area located 3.5 hours driving from Oslo, and it has beautiful landscape and view. The venue is graphically located in the middle between each adoptive family, so it was much easier for some families who are living very far away and might probably spend whole day travelling to Oslo compare with driving few hours to the hotel in the mountain area. We truly felt the caring and understanding of  the event organizers about their family members.

On Saturday morning, the event kicked off with a brief welcome and introduction by Guro, then followed by a short presentation from Xiaoli & Lixu about who MBL is, what MBL do, and how MBL can help/support adoptive families and Chinese adoptees (MBL’s Family Information Checking/Birth Roots Search, MBL Pen Friend Programme, Chinese culture support…etc.). Afterwards, Xinran gave a speech to group of adoptive parents, which was breath-taking and mind inspiring. Meanwhile, Lixu and Xiaoli from MBL were holding various Chinese culture workshops for adoptees.

无标题3 无标题4无标题5


Chinese Minorities Fashion Show…and you could easily tell that how much children and their parents were enjoying themselves…!

无标题6 无标题7


With slightly raining weather, group of adoptive families and MBLers went for a hiking in the Norwegian mountain with trying cold sandwich lunch for Chinese stomachs…people got to know each other and Chinese/Norwegian cultures a bit more.

Chinese Calligraphy Workshops during Xinran’s one-to-one session with each adoptive parent. Look…how focused those children were! In the end, MBL gave away each Chinese adoptee 15 sets in total of this so-called Magic Chinese Calligraphy Mat (which were sponsored by MBL volunteers ZHU Li and PAN ZhiGang in Nanjing, China) and calligraphy brushes. Meanwhile, we offered more than 50 copies of MBL Children’s Magazines to children as our support to them and also to their school library collection…

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Meanwhile, Xinran was doing this one-to-one consultation session with each adoptive family, which involved lots of family experience sharing and adoption documents checking. The consultation session started from Saturday afternoon until almost 24pm in the evening, and again from 8am on Sunday morning to 10am just before we were going to travel back to Oslo…last almost 12 hours in total, since many families came back for extra sessions with more questions that would like to discuss with Xinran.

The whole weekend passed so fast and after spending times with adoptive families especially those teenager adoptees, we all felt that in Norway those Chinese children are eager and in huge needs to have Chinese culture connection and support. MBL and Kinaforeningen are really considering of working together on a well-structured plan for the more collaboration in the future, regarding to:

— Inviting Xinran/ MBL workshop leaders to Norway to offer speech/consultation, family adoption documents checking,  and Chinese culture workshops, and also giving trainings to local volunteers

— Supporting /organizing Events/Activities for Norwegian adoptive families in different local areas

— Supporting adoptive families with Chinese culture materials, such as Chinese books, traditional Chinese dresses, and Chinese instruments…etc.

Hope together with Kinaforeningen, we could help and support more Chinese adoptees, adoptive families, and people who are interested in China and Chinese culture…in Norway!



Reported by XIAO Li

MBL Head Office, London

18th Sep 2013



MBL Trip to China (July 2013) – Fye Tavinee Maithai from Cheltenham Ladies’ College

From the 3rd of July until the 15th of July I participated in the MBL volunteering program in Nanjing. This experience was so enriching in that I was able to immerse myself with the true Chinese culture and society. I improved my Chinese language day by day and got to know so many friendly people along the way. My host family gave me great support right from the moment I first met them to when I left Nanjing. I’m so glad to have had this opportunity and so happy that such a wonderful organization like MBL has allowed me to take part on this meaningful experience.


For more details, please click HERE: Fye’s MBL Trip in China