MBL 2018 Yearly Plan

MBL 2018 Yearly Plan

The Mothers’ Bridge of Love

(MBL Charity Registration No. 1105543)

MBL 3 Bridges: Between Birth and Adoptive Culture, Between China and the West, Between the Poor and the Rich

Sharing Chinese culture, helping Chinese children.

Head Office: 9 Orme Court, London, W2 4RL, UK

website: www.mothersbridge.org

email: headoffice@mothersbridge.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Mothers-Bridge-of-Love-MBL-母爱桥-304860622922897

Chinaese Weibo: http://www.weibo.com/mbllondon/home?wvr=5

Wechat: mbllondon_2004


Social Media

(Fan WU, Leo, Frank, Chloe)





UK CACH / V&A MOC Events

(Ping LIN, Patrick, Yanhua, Yuyang ZHANG)





China Volunteer Centre

(Julie ZHU, PZG)






Jan to March

  1. Continue with Global Calendar and regular update on website
  2. Continue with FB, Twitter and Wechat coverage
  3. Discuss with Frank, Leo about details for the new website: design, art, content, banners
  4. Work with other leaders for a New Year message
  5. New member training
  6. More translators are needed

MBL & MOC Chinese New Year event on 10th , Feburay, 2018.

Porgrammes including:

  1. Invite children to write wishes and holiday messages on a red ribbon, which they can put inside a red pocket bag and take home
  2. Teach children how to say their wishes in Chinese
  3. Exhibit the artwork from schools in Nanjing and the audience can vote for their favorite art
  4. Dress up party for children
  5. A show of mental calculation with Chinese abacuses

Performances include: Chinese music instruments, Chinese tea cermony, lion dance, singing, Chinese folk dance, tai chi and martial arts, etc.

MBL supports CACH adoptive family’s yearly gathering


Mr Kieron Wilkinson


Team leader: Ping LIN & Bin TIAN

  1. MBL Chinese New Year Party
  2. 2017 Books for Kids project report
  3. Thank-you notes for volunteers who have joined 2018 B4K donation activities
  4. MBL website update



April to June

  1. Global Calendar
  2. FB, Twitter and Wechat
  3. decide on the website redesign plan and launch it if it’s ready.
  4. Regular website update and maintenance
  5. More volunteers and training

MBL volunteer yearly training by Xinran

  1. MBL 2018 B4K research
  2. MBL NT cultural education research
  3. Prepare for CN students’s visit of the UK and confirm their trip (date/expenses/schedule) 



July to Sep

  1. Global Calendar
  2. FB, Twitter and Wechat
  3. Collect feedback on the new website, improve quality and work on new features 
  4. Regular website update and maintaince
  5. More volunteers and training

Summer event with MOC

Moon festival event with MOC (Need to confirm with MOC about budget.)

  1. CN students visit the UK
  2. MBL family visit the UK
  3. Collect books for B4K



Oct to Dec

  1. Global Calendar
  2. FB, Twitter and Wechat
  3. continue monitoring the website performance and work with other teams on new features
  4. regular website update and maintaince
  5. more volunteers and training
  1. 2018 yearly report
  2. 2019 MBL work plan of events
  3. MBL volunteer yearly training by Xinran
  1. Collect books for B4K
  2. Build more MBL libaries
  3. 2018 reports
  4. 2019 work plan of events
  5. MBL Yearly Gathering at Volunteer Center



MBL volunteers from more than 20 countries all over the world joined MBL Team and participated in MBL projects and events. Every year MBL needs MORE VOLUNTEERS to lead and support our projects and events. If you would like to participate in any MBL on-going Projects mentioned above or become one of the Project Leaders, please do not hesitate to contact the team leader or headoffice@mothersbridge.org

MBL Project Policy and Records

(MBL Head Office must have all of Points step by step on time)

— 3 Points of setting up a Plan

(You should NOT start working on the Plan until MBL Head Office confirms it. Thanks!)

a, MBL minute (team’s idea/decision, simple 5Ws: When/Where/Who/What/How)

b, The programme (ideas for MBL Head Office’s meeting, detailed 5 Ws)

c, A policy of your budget (cost, cover, gain) and its fundraising possibility

— 3 Points of Working Plan

(You should confirm all of these with Head Office before you send them out)

a, (1.5 months before) working timetable (with office/partners/MBL volunteers) + networking with office (VIP/Media/Students/Others)

b, (1 month before) invitation/poster sending (@, mails, handing)

c, (1 week before) final programme/timetable for guests + final day schedule for volunteers

— 3 Points of the Records

(MBL Head Office needs these in one-week time after each project)

a, (1 week after) work report of the activities (based on 5 Ws)

b, (1 week after) news for MBL web/Facebook/Weibo/Twitter/Wechat (500 words with more photos/videos)

c, (1 week after) a statement of cost/gain  (with all receipts and signed at least by two people)

General Guidance for MBL Volunteers working with Children/Adoptive Families

Since this might be the first time for some of MBL volunteers to be with MBL adoptive families (a very special group), for Child Safety, Security, Privacy, and Sensitivity purpose, we introduce a general guidance to MBL volunteers during events/activities involving children (including young people under the age of 18 years) and families below. 

Please read the contents below carefully:



• Always be aware of the Fire Exit before events/activities start

• Maintain a Child Safety environment for children

• Treat children with respect, listen to and value their ideas and opinions and protect their well-being

• Be considerate in your actions through your use of language, presentation, manner and punctuality

• Respect the privacy of children and their families and only disclose information to people who have a need to know.


• Use prejudice, sensitive words such as “abandon”, or any oppressive behaviour or language with children

• Give advice or suggestion on adoptive families’ decision on searching for birth parents or their relationship with birth parents… If adoptive families ask for this, them you should forward their enquiries to MBL Head Office.

• Share children & families’ photos through your personal networks

• Discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, culture, vulnerability or sexuality.

• Initiate unnecessary physical contact with children or do things of a personal nature that children can do for themselves.

• Enquiry about children/families’ contact details and develop ‘special’ relationships with specific children/families for your personal gains or your own needs

• Have contact with children/families outside of the MBL’s programs.