MBL collaborated with V&A Museum of Childhood to celebrate the Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year of the Pig! On 9th Feb, 2019, MBL collaborated with V&A Museum of Childhood to host the Chinese New Year celebration at V&A Museum in London. More than five thousand visitors showed up to join the fun, and to participate in various activities. 

At our handcraft workshop, Mr. Fan taught traditional Chinese calligraph. His students were excited to learn how to write their names in Chinese. The Beijing Opera facial mask making workshop attracted quite a crowd, where participants painted their masks with fascination. Our MBL volunteer Jiayan Fan was so skilled at making paper lanterns and her workshop was very popular among children. 

Suifeng and Jingyi, also MBL volunteers, were busy at the dress-up room, where children tried on different Chinese ethnic costumes, and learned about Chinese ethnic minorities. A special abacus class was presented by Mrs. Tan and her assistant Xin Mo. Their curious and diligent students explored a new way to do calculation. Math was not a boring subject, but a fun adventure for both adults and children! 

As always, the performance stage was surrounded by enthusiastic audience. Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy and Ping Lin’s Aubretia Dance Studio did a stellar performance of Tai Chi, Chinese traditional fan dance and the “long-sleeves” dance. Even the audience participated, following the dancers and waving the fans in their hands with much joy and laughter. 


Lion Dance was the highlight of the day, performed by the Chinese Association of Tower Hamlets. For this year, children got to feed the lions with their handwritten messages for blessings — all the wishes would come true in the new year!

The souvenir booth, where items like dance fans and abacuses were sold, attracted a steady crowd of customers. It was a fantastic way to raise money for our charity, and to raise awareness for the Chinese culture. 

A big shout-out to all our volunteers: Ruiyun, Sun Hong, Yanan, Kun Li, Rui, Jack, Tingting, Frank, Jiayan, Bin Tan, Xin Mo, Suifeng, Jingyi, Ping Lin, Chris, and our event leader Yifeng Shi. 

Special thanks to our photographer Rui for the lovely photos, and our souvenir provider Yuyang Zhang. 

And our big thank-you to V&A Museum of Childhood and all the participants and supporters! 

Xin Nian Kuai Le! 新年快乐!