Feb 2013: A Chinese New Year Teatime between MBL & HKAN

Feb 2013: A Chinese New Year Teatime between MBL & HKAN

allungare il pene esercizi Xinran, founder of MBL and MBL Head Office Xiaoli and a group of MBL volunteers organized a Chinese New Year Teatime with some adoptees from HKAN (Hong Kong Adoptees Network), which is a group of more than 100 adoptees (most of them are girls) who were adopted from Hong Kong back to 1960’s and now most of them are in their 50’s and some of them are mothers.

pene piu grosso Xinran and Xiaoli met HKAN group at a book launch event of “ADVERSITY, ADOPTION & AFTERWARDS – A MID-LIFE FOLLOW-UP STUDY OF WOMEN ADOPTED FROM HONG KONG”

falloplastica additiva It was a very moving afternoon both for MBL and HKAN…none of those adoptees has found their birth mothers, either none of them stops thinking about it!

si puó allungare il pene MBL and some individual members of UK  HKAN have started discussions about how we may work together to provide  insights into the experience of Chinese, transracially adopted  adults!

estensione pene Just as what Xinran mentioned :” The more MBL and I work with Chinese adoptees, the more we realise that we should do for them…since I have met so many Chinese women who lost their baby girls…”.

You could also find the article written about this meeting on HKAN website:




Meanwhile, Claire Martin whom were with us at Chinese New Year Teatime had an interview with BBC Radio 4 talking about her own adoption story. You could find her interview at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01qgr41, which you might try to listern from minutes 25:14.