WenLin Chinese School Charity Garden Party in support of MBL

Do you agree that children should be given the stage to show their talent? Do you welcome more opportunities for children to experience independence, raise funds for charity and feel proud of what they can achieve? Would you like to support us for Children’s Charities? Would you like to share your precious time to help at the event as volunteer? Would you like to perform at this event and enjoy being cheered by our warm audience? Do you have Chinese goodies to share and sell at this event to help us raise fund? Would you like to donate a raffle prize, big or small? If you are interested and wish to know more about how you can help us for a good cause and inspire youth, please get in touch with rosa@wenlineducation.com. We hope to see you at the event and make it the unforgettable garden party of the year together!

This event is fully funded by WenLin Chinese School. All fund raised will be donated to our chosen chrities.

— Children under 5yrs, pensioners, and disabled – free entry.

— Tickets can be purchased at the door at £5 each.

Strandkleider stoff FAQs

  • What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

It is very convenient to get to the event by public transport. Many buses stop on Balham high road and it is only 3 minutes walk from Balham tube and train station. Free parking in the streets around the school.

  • What can I bring to the event?

Some cash for buying goodies, and snacks, a raffle for charity. No alcohol please!

  • How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

For fund raising participation, performance, book a stall to sell your goods, and all other enquiries about the event, please email Rosa at info@wenlinchineseschool.org.uk.

  • Do I need to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No, digital ticket will be fine.

  • Can I update my registration information?


  • Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?


  • Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn’t match the person who attends?


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Sat, July 1, 2017

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM BST

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Robe bleue mi-longue LOCATION

WenLin Chinese School

Chestnut Grove Academy

45 Chestnut Grove


SW12 8JZ

United Kingdom

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Refunds up to 7 days before event



Chinese Culture brought to life for Year 7

Chinese Culture brought to life for Year 7

15th June 2017

Year 7 students at Melbourn Village College experienced some Chinese celebrity culture with the visit of Xue Xinran. 

Xinran, as she is known in the UK, is a renowned British-Chinese journalist, author, speaker and the founder of a successful charity ‘ The Mothers’ Bridge of Love (MBL)’.

The 100 students, who have all been studying Mandarin as part of the curriculum since they joined the college last September, were inspired by tales of China and the Chinese indomitable spirit.

They learned about two ancient Chinese legends – ‘Houyi Shoots the Sun’ (Houyi is sometimes portrayed as a god of archery descended from heaven to aid mankind) and ‘Jingwei Tries to fill the Sea’ (Jingwei is a little bird that was transformed by a drowned girl and is determined to fill up the sea by carrying a pebble or twig in her mouth in order to protect other children from the sea).

The Mother’s Bridge of Love (MBL) reaches out to Chinese children in all corners of the world – those adopted by Western families, those living abroad and in China, often in destitute conditions, to help bridge the poverty gap.

Xinran also told the stories of triumph in adversity. One was a lady who lived in a factory toilet and repaired shoes on the street for a living but supported her son and daughter to get PHD and Master degrees without government or other help.

The other was about an amputee girl who was disappointed about her life, but achieved Paralympic swimming gold with the help of the MBL charity.

For their teacher, Frank Fan, the visit was a trip down memory lane. “I regularly used to listen to Xinran on the radio when I lived in China and we were delighted to welcome her to MVC,” he said.

Principal Simon Holmes said: “This was a fantastic opportunity to help build bridges and understanding with other cultures and expand our students’ horizons.”

In addition, to her talk yesterday, Xinran also left the college signed copies of all of some of her books, which will be available for students to borrow from the library.

Melbourn, part of The Cam Academy Trust, is the first secondary school in Cambridgeshire to offer Mandarin as part of the curriculum.

(News source: http://www.melbournvc.org/news-and-events/article/Chinese-Culture-brought-to-life-for-Year-7?from=groupmessage&isappinstalled=0)


MBL helps V&A Museum of Childhood launch 2017 Summer Festival

和往年一样,母爱桥协助V&A Museum of Chilhood 开办了一场其乐融融的夏日聚会,我们诚邀你参与当天的活动(免费),届时你可以在草地上看看表演,也可以品尝农家美食,更多仲夏之乐尽在多样的活动选择。


2017 MBL summer festival.ai


Children’s Art Exhibition: Celebrate International Children’s Day

International Children’s Day began in 1925 when the World Conference for the Well-being of Children took place in Geneva, Switzerland. After this conference, many countries started to celebrate this day on June 1st. This is the holiday to raise awareness of children’s rights and well being, also to appreciate children’s contribution to our society.

This holiday for children is widely celebrated across China. One of the missions for MBL is build the bridge of support between rich and poor. Over the years, MBL has helped many children in rural China access education and has established 22 International Children’s Libraries.

As a celebration of International Children’s Day, we’ll exhibit children’s art work on our website throughout June. Thank you to these amazing artists for sharing their talent and love with MBL and the world.














nj0503   nj0502





Adoption News in France and Chinese Students there

Intercountry Adoption – U.S Department of State

Conditions for adoption in France

“In principle, the adopter or adopters must be at least 15 years older than the child they wish to adopt, however, the judge may allow exceptions if the age gap is smaller.
It should be noted that in the special case of the adoption of a spouse’s child, the adopter does not have to meet the age condition. In addition, the minimum age gap between the adopter and the adoptee is reduced to 10 years.”

Overview of French Adoption Law

Kleider blumen herzförmig Chinese Students in France 

Who are all these international students in France and where do they study?

“France is the fourth most popular country in the world for international students, with thousands of Americans, British and Australians coming here to study. Here’s what you need to know about them.”

Chinese students flock to France to learn secrets of winemaking

“Chinese students are showing a serious palate for French wine, and they’re willing to cough up for coveted classes in France.”


Happy Mother’s Day from Xinran and more MBLers!

When Chinese Culture Revolution first broke out, I was seven and a half years old. One day, my neighbour, a young mother to a three years old daughter, received nightmarish news — her thirty-two years old husband had been tortured to death by a group of teenager Red Guards. That night she told her daughter a story, a story that I’ll remember forever.

Here is the story: A baby caterpillar asked her mother why she had never seen her dad. The mother said that when the baby was still sleeping in her belly, her dad was working hard to grow wings in a little house. When the baby was born, daddy became a beautiful butterfly. “If you want to see dad, you must sleep well, eat well and study hard, then someday you will grow beautiful wings that will take you to see him,” the mother said to the baby caterpillar.

From then on, my neighbor’s daughter often asked me if my father had also turned into a butterfly. At that time, I, along with 13 other “political orphans,” had no father.

I often think of my neighbor, the mother who endured so much hardship for her daughter. …Heartfelt thanks to our mothers for being a love bridge between life, families, generations, and cultures!

Happy Mother’s Day!








— Xinran (UK)


Mama is my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love, and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love. Happy Mother’s Day!

— Julie Zhu (China)


Mother & Baby-2 copy

I didn’t know what being a mother means until I became a mother myself. When my daughter was born prematurely and had to be in the NICU for three weeks, my mother called me from China and told me to take care of myself. “You need to be happy, healthy and strong for your newborn and your family,” she said.

Now I’m a mother of two children. Whenever I feel stressed, frustrated or exhausted, I think of my mother. How she raised five children on a remote state-run farm, where she, as a biologist, had to endure family tragedy, physical labor as well as political persecution. How she made clothes and shoes for my brothers and me after a long day of work, and how she brightened our shabby apartment with beautiful songs on her four-string lute (月琴), which she had played since a young age.

Later my mother returned to the city to be a librarian. In the evenings, when my brothers and I were doing homework, she would teach herself English. “If you keep learning, you will never grow old,” she once said to me. After retirement, she took up Chinese water-and-ink painting (水墨画) and, with passion and devotion, transformed herself into an artist. She still paints several hours every day.

My mother has taught me about industriousness, integrity, perseverance, and most importantly, love. The love of who you are. The love of learning. The love of life. Thank you, Mama.

Happy Mother’s Day!

— Fan Wu (U.S.A)

Mother's Day Tingting


每次要提到我的母亲, 我眼前就有这样一个情景出现:

我小的时候家里用的还是铁锅柴灶.  记得有一天我坐在灶前要帮妈妈烧火做饭. 我一个劲的往灶里加柴, 好好的火苗很快成了烟雾, 正在炒菜的妈妈弯下腰拿过我手中的火钳在灶里左右上下晃动着把火中心掏得空空的,很快的那火焰就蹭蹭的开始往上冲, 再把火钳递给回我说; “你看, 火要空心,人要忠心. 你对妈妈一定要忠心, 要做一个诚实有爱心的娃儿哈!”

4,5岁的我好像都不明白什么是忠心, 但我明白这诚实的娃儿就是不撒谎, 爱心就是对人好. 从那一时刻我学会了怎么样架柴烧火.

每一个母亲都是一个伟大的艺术家, 用心尽力的雕塑创作我们一生的作品—我们的孩子. 母亲节快乐!

— Lin Ping (UK)


Maya Cedergren, 8

I find this intresting sentence from a book that I’m reading at the moment which can be use for Mother’s Day : “The only woman I ever loved was another man’s wife …… my mother!”
— Thibault Marcellin (France)
This year’s Mother’s Day, I am in the United States while my mother is in China. Yesterday, without telling my mother in advance, I asked one of my best friends in China to buy a  bouquet of flowers to my mom on behalf of me to give her a surprise. When receiving the flowers, my mom was greatly excited and immediately cleaned a vase and put the flowers in it, and even took a picture and sent it to our family chatting group to “show off”. I’ve been the United States for almost one year, and felt it deep that life is always contradictory. Sometimes when you want to move forward, you have to sacrifice the time that you should accompany you family. But even so, families are always there. They don’t care if you are successful or not, but if you are tired or not. Best wishes to all the mothers around the world! Happy Mother’s Day!
— Katherine Lu (U.S.A)
Luca Cedergren, 5

Luca Cedergren, 5

Thank you to my best love — my mother! You make me feel not alone when I am away from you and your encouragement makes me stronger. Happy Mother’s Day.
— Chloe (China)
— Lena Bingliang (U.S.A)




— Red 红艳 (UK)

Featured art: Maya Cedergren, 8, U.S.A 

MBL strengthens Its cultural impact in 2017

After more than 10 years of research, exploration and action, MBL continues strengthening its cultural impact. It’s a bridge of communication between birth and adoptive culture, of understanding between East and West, and of support between rich and poor.

Please take a look at MBL’s latest summary. Thank you very much for your love, support, and participation!

MBL 2017 Presentation

2017 presentation 2


2017 presentation 3

2017 presentation 4

2017 presentation 5

2017 presentation 6

2017 presentation 8

2017 presentation 9


Adoption related information in Germany & Chinese students in Germany

Overview of German Adoption Law

Overwhelmed By Thousands Of Refugee Children Traveling Alone, Europe Considers Adoption

“As the number of unaccompanied minors increases across Europe, governments are discussing new ways of responding to the crisis to ease the steep costs of housing them. One suggestion was to fast-track refugee children into the foster and adoption systems. In Germany, officials said the government has already started processing some unaccompanied minors for adoption.”

Chinese Students in Germany

Why Chinese Students are Flocking to Germany

“Not all of the Chinese enrolled at German universities are geniuses. There are the high flyers, but there are also problem cases. According to the association of nine technical universities, TU9, the Chinese students are as varied as the German ones.”

Chinese in east Germany don’t see bias in Dessau murder

“The murder of a Chinese university student has shocked locals in the eastern German town of Dessau. Amid reports of growing xenophobia, DW’s Kate Brady headed east to talk to the region’s Chinese population.”



Share Children’s Artwork with MBL!

Want to share your artwork with MBL to show your support and love? We’ll be delighted to hear from you! If we decide to use your art, we’ll ask you to fill up our artwork authorization form.

Here is an example of an artwork by Maya Cedergren, an 8-year-old third grader in California.

Hope to share your art and love with the world.

Thank you!


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